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A sight to truly behold!

It is not until after dusk that you discover how magical the bridge is with its colourful rays of gold, blue, purple and white, not to mention the red twinkles on each elephant tusk. The colourful beams kiss the dark clouds with a swift transition that can play tricks on the eyes of onlookers who may wonder ‘’how can the stars be so visible above the thick, dense rain clouds.”
The bridge is poetic as well as when you take a glance from the west wing where the pontoon used to off load cargo, it embodies one of the plentiful fish of the Okavango Delta; the bream fried scrumptiously on a frying pan with its golden scales and fins stretched. Prepare to be blown away when white fades out, transitioning into subtle purple in a flash then all Mohembo bridge sightseers cue in the mantra.
Not only does this great bridge connect Mohembo siblings but all the villages beyond the Okavango River which include Gudigwa, Beetsha, Erestha, Gunotsoga, Seronga, Mokgacha, Mogotho, Ngarange, Sekondomboro, Xakao and Kauxwi. The colossal 1.5km stretch Okavango River crossing landmark has become a tourist’s favourite attraction and rightfully so because it is interlinked to the Okavango Delta as the 1 000th World Heritage Site.
President Masisi says everyone is allowed to give the bridge any name of their choice notwithstanding that the official name of the bridge would be announced in future.
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