Ookeditse Kamogelo

Agrilogic is a newly formed company, and youth-fund beneficiary based in Serowe particularly in Makolojane ward; currently,  the company trades as Mushroom Bay. This is a venture that was sparked by the love of producing fresh, quality mushrooms.

Gape Tlhagiso, a 25-year-old from Serowe who is the company’s managing director and founder, is the brains behind Agrilogic. The BUAN graduate founded Agrilogic after graduating in 2021. Mr. Tlhagiso, a mushroom enthusiast, revealed that his company produces high-quality mushrooms of a specific variety known as Oyster Mushrooms.


According to Tlhagiso, quality and health came first. “Why mushrooms?” one might ask. The inspiration for the mushroom production came from school, and it was supported by the diet of Asian communities, who are more familiar with and use oyster mushrooms in their daily meals. The low production costs of these mushrooms, as well as their uniqueness, are two of the many factors that led to the establishment of this business. Oyster mushrooms are the most exotic but also the healthiest because they contain nutrients such as vitamin B3 and are generally low in calories, which is beneficial to one’s health. The young entrepreneur says Oyster mushrooms can improve one’s skin health, thinking capacity, and general well-being thus mostly consumed by health-conscious people, like people who are diabetic.  

Because the company is still in its early stages, it operates from home and only serves a few people. Tlhagiso explains that he has been knocking on the doors of various retail establishments to distribute samples. He is delighted by the positive feedback and warm welcome he has received from a few people he has interacted with because it allows him to educate those who are interested in the product, which is what motivates him at the moment.



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