Two days into the Africa Mining Indaba 2023 in Cape Town, the former Debswana Head of Safety and Sustainable Development at Debswana and currently De Beers Group Head of Policy and Planning Tefo Molosiwa elaborated on ESG efforts Debswana has aligned towards National Policies.

Molosiwa participated on a panel at the ongoing Mining Indaba on “Qualification and Quantification of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) risk and Uncertainty Across the Mining Life.”

He highlighted that during discussion that Debswana has aligned its ESG policies with national intents, and has worked with the government to domesticate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Debswana has taken ensures transparency and accountability, and forces partnership and integration which serves as a force multiplier in the implementation of what Debswana is doing.

“What is also important for us as Debswana is having a system and mechanism of implementation. It is critical to be clear about your vision and KPIs,” he stated.

Debswana has played a critical role in the success of Botswana’s economy and continues to contribute towards human development in Botswana.

From an organizational perspective, Debswana has an operational model system that helps to take those KPIs and cascade them into the organisation so that they are integrated into all various functions of the company and you are able to monitor them.


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