Netflix six year ago made a tweet saying “Love is sharing a password”, it is taking back its tweet as now over 100 million Netflix users share passwords with their friends and families.

The online streaming company announced on Wednesday the new password sharing rules effective in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, they further mentioned that they are aimed to track down on password sharing in the US in a January company earnings call.

The new password sharing rules detailed protocols to prevent people in different households from using the same Netflix account, and under those rules Netflix users would be required to verify their home devices every month as devices outside their homes would be blocked.

“We’ve folks that are watching Netflix who aren’t paying us as part of basically borrowing somebody else’s credentials,” said the Chief Operating and Chief Product officer, Mr. Gregory Peters.

Netflix mentioned that it will help users set up a primary location where anyone living in that household can access the account. For those living outside a primary household, Netflix will introduce the option to transfer a profile to a new paid account so users can keep their personalized recommendations, viewing history and many more.

You can no longer share your Netflix account with someone who doesn’t live in the same household as yours.

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