One industry that is not considered much in the country is the entertainment industry business as with much practice and the right tools, it can produce more than P700 billion annually in estimation.

Trying to dig up and bring this annual estimation to reality is Khumo Studios a film-based company spearheaded by Mr. Denim Richards will be hosting a Masterclass dubbed Khumo Masters Gaborone which will be facilitated by Mr. Richards and will be held at the UB Indoor Sports Centre this coming Saturday.

The main aim behind the Masterclass is to get individuals who want to be on the value chain of this thriving industry to open their eyes and explore the entertainment industry as it has the potential to create jobs for Batswana in the film and television space. Attendants of the workshop will learn aspects of Acting, Screenwriting, Directing and he aim objective the business of entertainment.

The first batch from the previous Masterclass appeared in the Mohapi Series production which was shot in 2022.

“We want to open doors for the entertainment industry, and allow people to earn income from what they love as it is the case in other countries,” said Mr. Richards.

He further stated that there are a lot of opportunities in the film industry of Botswana and this can be seen on what is happening in advanced industries in African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya.


Source: Botswana Guardian

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