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Why You Should Visit The Okavango Delta This Holiday

Why you should visit the Okavango Delta this holiday. Botswana prides itself in the largest and most sought after luxury destination (delta) in the entire world making it one of the most ideal places to visit at least once in your life. Tour guide experts have stated that April through to August is the best time to visit the beautiful landscape however anytime of the year is always the perfect time to visit the delta and all the majestic flora and fauna she posses.

Reviewed by Discover Africa, the delta is said to have stunningly designed, intimate lodges and some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa. “Okavango lodges have a reputation for exceptional, personal service and many cater specifically for romantic holidays and honeymoons. Here you’ll find tented suites like villas, with sparkling plunge pools, outdoor showers and candle-lit baths. And at night, raised walkways lined with warm, glowing lamps as you make your way down to dinner under the stars. Not all Okavango camps offer the same level of luxury, but standards are high just about everywhere you look”.

Some of the most luxurious and exquisite camp and safari lodges are situated in the Okavango Delta. There is a wide variety to select from all full of adventure and an experience of a lifetime. Please further note that a number of central Okavango lodges can only be reached by air and just flying in to camp is an adventure in itself. Mokoro excursions are one of the Okavango’s most special experiences and have been said to be incredibly romantic, especially with a private guide. When the floodwaters are high enough it may be possible to start right from camp – a real sense of exploration for more adventurous couples. Spoil yourself today! Visit the Okavango Delta!

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