Start-Up Ideas To Kickstart During A Pandemic

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the word pandemic is absolute loss and disaster. The situation is a lot worse when you scale it down to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic since its advent. However not everything has been catastrophic as some genius business ideas were borne from the situation and are doing well in the market. Here is a list of a five booming business ideas that are budget friendly with a high demand to hop on amid the pandemic.

1.Social Media Management

Social media is the key in today’s world at reaching a higher target audience faster all he while yielding results. The pandemic came and suddenly gatherings and physical contact was the number one thing to avoid in order to curb the spread of the virus. This has seen a huge downturn in the work from office culture to just working from home and using online platforms. This means companies have had to be unique in keeping and luring in client even without physical interaction. A social media management start-up is cost effective and convenient because you work can easily work remotely from the comfort of your computer and the use of a solid internet connection!

2.Delivery Service

A majority of people are very reluctant to leave their homes especially due to the escalating number of infections. But they still need basics to get by. A delivery business entails conducting errands on behalf of your client; shopping, laundry, grocery runs etc and delivering all of these at their doorstep. In turn the client will pay you a fee for services rendered . The demand is high especially from senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals who practice extreme caution in a bid to keep safe and Covid-free. The business demands very little resources, just a vehicle or scooter and enough fuel to keep you on the go.

3.Freelance Writer

If you are passionate about writing, you can easily turn your passion into a few bucks. This has always been the case even before the dawn of the pandemic however demand has gone up with the pandemic fueled by the work from home culture. You will need a compute, internet connection and a bit of marketing knowledge. Whether you want to write blogs, web content, press releases, or write resumes and even social media content. A writer can easily can work from the comfort of their own home or even on the road if you travel. If you establish a large enough network and gain referrals from satisfied clients, you could even make freelance writing your full-time job.

4.Virtual Tutoring

Schools, especially lower level learning institutions have experienced on and off closure dependent on covid-19 infection rates. This means students are spending less time in school and a lot more at home. Some parents have made personal decisions to home school their children often through inline learning with private tutors. You can pick a subject or three you are good at and engage parents and their children with your services. Students who thrive in a remote learning environment want to continue their online study sessions, and busy parents appreciate not having to drive their children to and from a tutoring center. Once more this is a cost effective line of business as one needs an understanding of the curriculum, a computer and a solid internet connection.

5.Online Store

This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money off of people’s laziness. You tell someone about shopping online and all they can think of is how tedious the process is and that’s exactly where an online store comes in. An online store entrepreneur does not event have to have start up capital but rather operate as the middle man between supplier and client as well as handling the nitty gritty customs duty stuff. Place orders and give prospective clients a waiting period. the most important skill is the art of conviction and a solid marketing strategy. Alternatively you can buy products directly from a consumer and resell them, or help them find a buyer and take a commission for yourself. As your reselling audience grows, you can specialize your business and start curating items for repeat buyers.

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