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5 Amazing Places To Visit In Botswana

5 Amazing places to visit in Botswana! For a landlocked country, Botswana is such a beauty. The country has bragging rights as the largest source of diamonds in the whole world but is also mother nature’s perfect little gift to adventurous tourists. Botswana has a wide range, spanning over hundreds of places one can go sight seeing, most of which have gained international recognition. The following are only but a few of the most attractive places to visit:

1.Goo-Moremi Game Reserve

Goo-Moremi was voted the best game reserve in the African continent in 2008. It is the first reserve that was solely founded by local residents; this was fueled by growing concerns about natural and man-made threats to the local environment and wildlife.Β  Situated on the east side of the Okavango Delta, the reserve offers some of the most stunning scenery in the country and boasts an equally impressive ecosystem. Many tourists choose to visit the park by self-drive campervan but the park also has a number of great campsites.


Kasane is situated between the Four Corners of Africa; where Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia meet. It recently added a new development, the Kazungula bridge which connects Botswana and Zambia making an even more exciting tourist spot.Β  Kasane is the ideal location for those who wish to visit the great Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or Botswana’s own Chobe National Park. The town’s own attractions include a huge Baobab tree that was once used as a prison due to its trunk that is so large a human can enter. There is also a snake park that houses around 50 snakes from 17 different species. The town is also wonderfully situated for exploring the Chobe River.

3.Chobe National Park

This national parks named after the majestic Chobe river the third largest in Botswana and boatsΒ  one of the largest concentrations of rare game animals in the entire African. The glorious river supports an ecosystem of rare and exotic creatures including birds, elephants, lions, giraffes, baboons and buffalo. One can be prepared to feast their eyes of a beautiful sight during the winter season as often a herd of hundreds of elephants at a time visit the banks of the river.



Maun is often used by tourists as a stepping stone for the Okavango Delta but it has enough about it to merit a few nights stay. The hotels, restaurants and tourist amenities here are some of the best in the country, largely due to the fact that the city is the main tourist stop in the country. The small town does not have any far fetched activity going on however it is rich in culture, with different tribes to learn and experience; thereby attracting a wide range of people from luxury safari travelers to volunteers. There are some great campsites that are located by the river, providing a great place to stay for a few nights.

5.Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR)

The CKGR is best known for it’s wild, mysterious and amazingly vast wilderness. Expert travelers say it gives you a sense of true exploration as though you were exploring Africa in her truest form. For those who love adventure and enjoy camping the breathtaking CKGR is the place to be. The rain in summer brings about countless wild beasts of all shapes and sizes including massive herds of animals like wildebeest and springbok. Without so many animals in the harsher winter months, the main reason to visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the unfathomable open terrain and true African wilderness.


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