Mondays have bad reputation as they have been disparaged for being difficult, demanding and damaging to the happiness created over the weekend.

Study shows that 80% of people reflect on Monday’s as most stressful day at work and 41% dislike the day the most compared to other days of the week. But 22% say that Monday is their most productive day of the week.

The main reasons why people tend to have bad work days is because of the heavy workloads, demanding projects and tasks, working overtime chasing the deadline and negative co-workers.

But you can make Mondays and all the days better, reduce their negative impact and set yourself up for a great week.

1 – Embrace Your Importance

Work doesn’t have to be a panacea, but it also doesn’t have to be a grind.

Your mindset is important as you remind yourself that your work matters. Whatever work you’re doing, you’re contributing to your community and making a difference to someone. Embrace the opportunity to get out, roll up your sleeves and dig into doing something that has meaning. All work has dignity, and your work is impactful.

2 – Manage Your Workload

If you’re facing a mountain of work, take control where you can.

As much as possible, schedule your work throughout the week so you have a more equal set of demands from day to day. Block time on your calendar to do heads-down work, so you don’t become overburdened with constant meetings. And avoid procrastinating, especially on Fridays. You can empower yourself to create a better work experience.

3 – Build Relationships

A significant reason people struggle with Sunday bad days throughout the week, is because of challenges with co-workers or leaders. Build strong relationships by staying in touch and being intentional about spending time together.

Also empower yourself to have positive interactions with your boss and also seek a mentor by identifying someone you respect and admire in another part of the business and ask whether you can stay in touch and obtain coaching from them.

Work will never be all butterflies and bonbons, but there are ways to make it more enjoyable more of the time.


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