As a business owner, you’re going to face all sorts of challenges, but a lack of confidence will tank your chances of success faster than any real obstacle. Below are three ways you can boost your confidence and overcome imposter syndrome.

1. Realize confidence comes from past experiences, not pep talks

You don’t need motivational posters to remind yourself about what you can do. Jot down ten challenges that you’ve already won. Keep this list handy to remind yourself of what you’ve already accomplished and why you can take on new challenges.

2. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions

Most people are either rooting for you or ignoring you, so just focus on getting 1% better every day.

3. Learn to see failure as data

Think of every project, pitch, or sales call as an experiment. You’re testing something out, and if it works, great. If not, you’ve learned something and can improve your approach going forward.

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