Shonja Snack hits the Botswana market

It’s Phane season, snack sa two-minutes and Mosimanegape Lucas brought to the market ‘Shonja Snack’ which is an edible Mophane worm rich with the source of protein.

Entrepreneur Lucas who is a Tutume native was motivated by the desire to prepare phane in a way different from the same old traditional way, Lucas opted to offer the market an alternative by packaging his favored product as a convenient snack. This way, he was certain the six different flavors would present phane with a different taste that would fit well in the ever-changing world of cuisines.

Traditionally, mophane worms are harvested, boiled, and then dried, after which they are ready for the market, the Shonja Snack now occupies the same row with other snacks that include biltong, nuts, and other dried fruits.

“We started off experimenting with the peri–peri flavor that we call habanero, then decided to try out more flavors including barbecue, lemon and herb, sweet and chili, chutney and mildly spicy,” Lucas stated.

Lucas has revealed that he follows the traditional process of harvesting and boiling the worms, then adds value using the flavors before packaging them into packets for sale. The family has a special machine they use for all the flavoring which gives the snack that unique flavor and taste the snacks are sold in 40 and 210 grams packets and the price ranges from P10 and P150 per packet.



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