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India is best known for its culture, Bollywood and most especially the spicy foods, as of late the country is also celebrated for its great memorable gin.

Some Indian brands of gin are starting to make their way to international destinations. The article cites Hapusa as one of them, and based on this review of their Himalayan Dry Gin, it sounds especially intriguing. Writing about the gin in VinePair, Tim McKirdy observed that “this gin’s aromatic spice and rich fruit notes open up a world of possibilities for adventurous cocktail creation.”

If the distillers profiled in the Times are any indication, there also seems to be a mood of experimentation at work for many of the gins, which is always encouraging. The article alludes to “a gin smoked with the wood from Indian cricket bats,” to cite one example. It’s an intriguing flavor combination, to be sure.

Source: Insiderhook

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