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After Rihanna announced that Fenty beauty products to be launched in Africa in May 2022 and Botswana being listed as one of the countries where the beauty products will be launched, some influencers found themselves in the green light of promoting and getting Fenty to Batswana.

The spot light did not only get the selected influencers an opportunity to work for the brand for an undisclosed period time but it helped them to level up in their careers. The five influencers who are working alongside the “Man Down” superstar Rihanna include:

Kagiso Sento: The former model does not only bring her beauty to the table but her brains have also changed the lives of many in Botswana and beyond. Every woman who aspires to be successful or enjoy looking good, loves Kagiso and adores her lifestyle. Kagiso is also the business woman that many youth look up to. Kagiso is into selling designer clothes and jewellery. She also has trendy glasses called KLS Collections that are available online and can be purchased through her Instagram page.

Resego Motlhokathari: this television presenter i has been in the entertainment industry for several years now ,and he has won the hearts of many people with his charming looks, fashion sense and impeccable hosting skills. The TV star has just landed a major hosting gig on BTV Dumela Botswana Breakfast Show.

Khumo Kgwaadira: MissGeeKays, is a TV and radio personality is the founder of the Who Am I, a non-profit organization that strives to empower youth and help them realize their individual capabilities. Her passion and the zeal for the music industry speaks for its self. She owns a restaurant called Kana Kgang.

Natasha Kemonna: the 22 year old accountant earns a Living from TikTok as she goes by @natashapale1 on TikTok has about 380 000 followers on the social media platform with collective 2.2 million video likes.

Kelebogile Megano: this talented youtuber and fashion influencer is a prominent Batswana Blogger and Instagram Personality who has gained prominence for publishing her Fashion, Lifestyle, and Food blogs. Kelebogile is also popular on TikTok where she posts a variety of videos and has earned over 47K fans and got more than 279K hearts on her videos till now. The YouTuber turned DJ is based in both Botswana and South Africa.

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