PPC Botswana Brings You Same Quality Cement, In A New Bag

PPC Botswana brings you same quality cement, in a new bag. PPC Botswana is one of Botswana’s manufacturers and distributor for quality cement and earlier this week, the company launched the rebranded packaging, Surecem. It joins the rest of the Surerange family products namely; Suretech, Surebuild, and Sureroad.

PPC Group Managing Director, Njombo Lekula

Present at the occasion, dubbed the PPC Botswana Kgotla was ABSA Chief Economist Naledi Madala, who believes that the local cement manufacturing industry has the potential to grow the local economy through different aspects it carries such as employment, use of local raw materials. The event also featured different economic and business experts such as PPC Group Managing Director Njombo Lekula and PPC Botswana Head of Business Unit Tuelo Botlhole among others.

Lekula added on to the discussion, highlighting that partnership with the government can guarantee industry growth, social entrepreneurship, skills development and a robust value chain as local manufacturers. All these
efforts can ensure a viable economic impetus from the construction industry. “Where we fall short
on national projects import cement can be used but with local manufactures as a priority. Predatory pricing can be managed through tariffs so the ground is level,” he said.

PPC is a leading supplier of materials and solutions into the basic services sector in southern Africa, PPC has 11 cement factories in South Africa, Botswana, DRC, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. PPC’s capacity is around eleven and a half million tonnes of cement products each year. PPC’s Materials business comprises of Pronto Readymix (including Ulula Ash) and 3Q Mahuma Concrete.

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