Possible Business Opportunities In Botswana 2021

Possible business opportunities in Botswana 2021.  The economy has changed, never to be the same again. Everyday all we hear is welcome to the new normal. However, with the new normal, came new opportunities for business. Most of the ideas you will read in this article are not new to the market but the turn of events caused by Covid-19 have increased the profitability of these business ventures to explore in Botswana. 

1.Agricultural Production

Agriculture as a business venture is diverse and there are never ending funding opportunities for prospect farmers in Botswana. Fields to tap into would include the following;

  • Livestock (dairy cows), Poultry.
  • Fruits and Vegetables (onions, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, rape, green pepper, etc.)
  • Grains (maize, sorghum, millet, beans, etc.), Sunflower
  • Flowers
  • Stock Feeds (poultry, cattle, ostrich, pig, etc.).

2.Agro Processing (Dairy, Horticulture, and beverages )

we cannot all be farmers but there is a great opportunity to produce by-products for human consumption. This may entail processing raw materials only or extend to packaging and supply to supermarkets etc. It can be in the form of;

  • Infant formula, milk (raw/pasteurized/UHT), cheese, yoghurt and butter, etc.
  • Bakery products and confectionery (i.e. biscuits)
  • Cooking oil, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, jam, peanut butter, common salt/table salt
  • Bottled water

3.Construction/Building Materials and Hardware

This can be in the form of;

  • Pre-cast concrete products, Bricks, ceiling, cement, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, roofing sheets, roofing nails, timber, plastic and metal pipes (e.g. pvc pipes), window frames, fencing wire mesh, metal fabrication, bitumen, etc.
  • Sanitary ware (urinals, bathtubs, etc.)


This is most certainly the perfect time to venture into chemicals due to the high demand caused by the advent of Covid-19.  This business venture can be in the form of;

  • Cleaning chemicals (blood stain removers, dishwashing liquids, floor polish, multipurpose cleaning liquids, washing powders, bath soaps, shower gels, etc.)
  • Cosmetics
  • Deodorants
  • Body creams and lotions
  • Candles

5.Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Again, like chemicals, this is the perfect time and going into the future to venture into this line of business. the world has simply changed post Covid-19 and the demand for better healthcare and access to quality medication pronto has grown exponentially. Such a venture can be in the form of;

  • Pharmaceutical products (Drugs or medicines)
  • Veterinary requisites-medicines/drugs, etc.
  • Medical Equipment, accessories and consumables – Linen, beds, X-Rays, ultra sound, scanners, Needles, syringes, surgical gloves, condoms, bandages, plasters, etc.
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