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Kalahari Honey Thrives on the Market

Kalahari Honey thrives on the Market. It was founded in 2015 by Mavis Nduchwa, who is also the owner of Chabana Farms where some of the magic happens. Kalahari Honey is the first of it’s kind in Botswana and has a wide range of products from the sweet honey itself to a list of honey by-products.

Nduchwa through her company, is focused on using beekeeping as a tool to mitigate human and wildlife conflict by training and supplying rural farmers with beehives. From there on, they come back and create a market by buying back the honey, processing, packaging and supplying the market. Kalahari Honey even features wine in its product catalogue. The former BBC Food Chain 2019 Judge is also a UN SDG We Empower Awardee 2020 and a 2020 African Business Hero

An Interview with Business Monitor, Nduchwa explained that her company exists to empower communities using agriculture as a tool, especially the two demographics  – women and youth. Apart from supplying the local market inclusive of big retail supermarkets, Kalahari Honey also exports to Lesotho and Namibia as well as the United States of America among other countries.


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