Local Actress Angela Atlang Joins Muvhango

Local actress Angela Atlang joins Muvhango. The beauty rocked fans whenΒ she made her much anticipated debut on screen on the popular SA soapie’sΒ  August 16 episode. Atlang plays the role of Itseng Motsamai who is James Motsamai’s estranged sister. News of her new found role were shared on the Muvhango Twitter page.

Atlang is a graduate with the University of Botswana where she pursued her Bachelor ofΒ  Theatre Arts. According to Muvhango her new found role will portray her as a beautiful, seductive but hard and gritty woman with a history as a strip dancer. She joins Sharon Seno, also a local actress who joined the soapie as Marang last year. More from Muvhango is on Atlang’s eagerness to play this role which she believes will Angela will help her development and journey in the performance arts space.

Β The actress has been commended by Muvhango producer Hebert Hadebe who acknowledged Atlang’s hard work over the short space of time that she has been working with them. Hadebe also emphasized in a statement the importance of introducing new talent in the industry as part of the production’s vision.
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