Funding Opportunities For Entrepreneurs In BW

Got any great business idea but zero start up capital? Or are you looking to develop an already existing line of business but do not have resources? There are organizations in place set to assist accordingly to help give your business the face lift it deserves offering a wide range of services from assisting with business plans to pumping the much needed funds into the business. Here are some of the top institutions that offer funding opportunities for entrepreneurs in BW.

1.Local Enterprise Authority

This organization works with various stakeholders to identify new business opportunities within its four main sectors. It offers a wide range of mentoship trainings/ workshops and assists the client in siurcing financial support from the right finance institution. Among other things LEA assists with the following:

  • Providing business development services inter alia through; screening, business plan facilitation, training and mentoring;
  • Identifying business opportunities for existing and future SMMEs;
  • Promoting domestic and international linkages, especially between SMMEs and government, large business entities and other SMMEs;
  • Facilitating changes in regulations, quality management systems and standards, infrastructure and access to finance;
  • Facilitating technology adoption and diffusion;
  • Promoting general entrepreneurship and SMME awareness.

Local Enterprise Authority (Head Office)
Private Bag 191
Gaborone, Botswana

Physical Address:

2nd Floor, Block A, Lot 50676 , Fairgrounds Office Park, Gaborone, Botswana

Tel: +267 – 36 44 000
Fax: +267 – 36 44 001

Email: [email protected]

2.Youth Development Fung (YDF)

The first thing to note is that YDF is a seasonal funding opportunity. The socio-economic programme for start-ups and expanding businesses was introduced as an economic empowerment programme meant to assist aspiring youth to venture into various economic enterprises funded at 50% loan & 50% grant. The Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development (MYSC) works in collaboration with other stakeholders such as Local Enterprise Authority to build the spirit of entrepreneurship and other government ministries and parastatals who offer technical support. YDF is available to individuals and companies who meet the following criteria: Batswana aged 18-35 years, out of school youth, unemployed youth, underemployed youth and a legally registered business/company that is owned by young citizens. The funding is from P50 000 to P100 000 per project and available for individuals ready to manage projects on a full time basis.

You may contact all Ministry District offices

Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development

Y2K Building – Central Business District

Plot 54372

Private Bag 00514,



Tel. (+267) 3682600

Fax. (+267) 3913473

3.Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)

CEDA was established as a parastal organization to provide financial and technical support for the development of competitive and sustainable citizen owned businesses and joint ventures operating both within and expanding outside the country. Where appropriate, finance the establishment of Citizen Businesses in foreign markets to enhance their international competitiveness. The Agency also offers business advisory services to entrepreneurs in various skills as identified through the needs assessment that is conducted during the monitoring of funded businesses. Funding opportunities are available throughout the year.

Prime Plaza, Plot 54358,

Corner PG Matante Road and

Khama Crescent Extension

CBD, Gaborone

T : +267 398 6563

F : +267 398 1111

E : [email protected]

4,Debswana- Peo

This is a form of venture capital and a business development initiative established by Debswana Diamond Company and De Beers Holdings Botswana with a commitment towards promoting and facilitating the establishment of commercially viable enterprises in Botswana as well as promoting the involvement of Batswana as owners in these in business. Considerations are made in an attempt to address among others; major constraints faced by the sector in Botswana, such as limited entrepreneurial skills, lack of capital, small domestic market and lack of financial management skills.

5.Various Banks

The truth is that all banks have a sort of funding platform for businesses that are designed to simultaneously support the client and the interests of the bank. You can check with your bank to find out if they have a funding model best suited for the kind of financial assistance you need. Banks such as the African Development Bank and the National Development Bank are popular for easy to access funding opportunities. Please also check commercial banks (ABSA, FNBB, Stanbic Bank).

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