Finance Your Business With National Development Bank (NDB)

Finance your business with National Development Bank (NDB). National Development Bank was established under an act of parliament in 1963.The Bank is owned by the Government of Botswana and operates under the control of a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning. In 1998, NDB became the first Bank in Africa to be certified under ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standards.

NDB’s main objective lies in providing a varied range of financial services to Botswana’s business sector and the public at large while aiming to earn satisfactory returns on shareholder’s funds. As a Development Financial Institution (DFI), NDB is viable and self-sustaining and continues to contribute immensely to the growth of the local economy. To implement its mandate the Bank provides loan financing for   new and existing undertakings falling under the following sectors:

  • Agriculture – All Agricultural projects
  • Commerce-All all retail, service and Tourism Industries
  • Industrial- All Industrial, Manufacturing, Processing and Mining
  • Real Estate- Property development and purchase (office, retail, industry and commercial residential space)
  • Human Development- Educational loans, residential loans etc

National Development Bank (NDB) finances Individuals (both citizens and non-citizens residing in Botswana).  NDB also finances Citizen and foreign companies provided they’re registered and operate within Botswana. National Development Bank has got two types of loans, being Business loans and human capital development loan (individual loans). Under Business loans are standard loans that range from P10, 000 up to P60 Million. Individual loans have got four fast track loans, namely Ntlhatlosa Kwa Morakeng, Temo Bokamoso, Bonno home loan and Nthuta school fees loan.

Read More: https://www.ndb.bw/what-we-finance

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