Businesses Owned By Seyed Jamali

Businesses owned by Seyed Jamali. One very admirable aspect about the millionaire is his ability to name just about every business endeavor after himself; for instance the popular Jamali Stadium otherwise known as Township Rollers Stadium. Construction of the stadium was a joint project between himself and millionaire Jagdish Shah. 

Jamali is a renowned property mogul and the of owner Universal House. In 2016 Jamali acquired 28% stake in Mmegi Investments Holdings which among others is the publisher for Mmegi, Botswana Guardian, The Midweek Sun and Monitor.  Furthermore Jamali has shareholder rights in one of Botswana’s prominent commercial radio stations, Duma FM and sources have revealed in the past that he possesses the controlling stake in the radio station.

His controversial business interests go beyond property and media houses evidenced by his partnership in the Moringa Tea business. As the story goes, Jamali came to Founder and managing Director for Moringa Tea, Yu Hu’s rescue after attempted partnerships with two different locals did not materialize. Jamali offered the Chinese farmer access to his farm land to grow the product gaining him access to stake in the million pula business. Jamali recently acquired a portion of Batlokwa land and owns a strip along the Tlokweng road just behind Sir ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital.

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